C-ROS Technology

Our research team at C-ROS has strong background in enzymatic cascades, metabolically engineered cells for production of valuable biofuels and biochemicals. We also have considerable experience in the areas of anaerobic digestion, process engineering and design. As our technology is bio-based and relies mostly on bioconversion process, the overall C-ROS technology is clean and green by nature. We have developed various types of microbes by natural enrichment or by engineering of metabolic pathways in cells to suit various types of product applications.

1. Bio-VIS

Bio-VIS is a concentrated natural microbial cocktail optimized for conversion of organic waste such as food waste into biogas and biofertilizer. Bio-VIS contains anaerobic microorganisms that can be used to generate methane and hydrogen for production of energy and electricity. The digestant after waste conversion by Bio-VIS is also an excellent biofertilizer which can boost plant and vegetable growth with high efficiency. Our team has implemented this C-ROS Bio-VIS technology (size of 200-1000 kg) in Nan province. This system has been operated by local, non-technical people for more than one year with stable production of biogas and biofertilizer.

2. C-ROS Hydrogen

C-ROS-Hydrogen is a set of microbes that can convert food waste to hydrogen with high efficiency. Hydrogen gas (H2) is used in various industries and manufacturing for welding, heat-treating processes and chemical synthesis and processing. Biological fermentation technology has high potential in producing hydrogen gas with high purity. Using C-ROS-hydrogen microbes to convert food waste into hydrogen is a circular economy system, that combines environmental bioremediation with high value production.

3. C-ROS Alkane

C-ROS Alkane is a metabolic engineered microorganism that can convert food waste into hydrocarbons. This is a proprietary technology developed by C-ROS scientists. Hydrocarbons such as alkanes are extensively used as organic compounds for combustion and as building block components for the synthesis of various materials. Alkanes are widely used in heating and motor fuel applications. C-ROS Alkane will allow communities or farmers to produce gasoline or other fuels for use in farm engines or transportation vehicles in villages from their own community food waste.